Corey Scarboro

Corey’s work presents a world that is both mythical and personal. His creatures exist in a place where a gentle battle is always engaging its characters. Often the dragons, butterflies, and sea creatures with names like Starfish Man and Squido Boy, converse in friendly dialogue that reflect Corey’s desire to express himself freely with others. A member of LAND since its inception in October 2005, Corey continues to be a highly prolific artist in the studio, who gains new admirers of his work everyday. 


10 Years in 1 Day | Christian Berst Art Brut, New York, NY
Floating Holiday | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Televisionary | MoMA Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Building, New York, NY

Slogans Run | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Satellite Show | New York, NY

Space Invaders | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
MAKExRePOP | Repop Room, New York, NY
Outsider Art Fair | New York, NY
CUTLOG Art Fair | New York, NY

Master of Puppets | MoMA Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Building, New York, NY

MAKE | I-20 Gallery, New York, NY
New Discoveries | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Outsider Art Fair | New York, NY

LAND LP Reborn | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

LANDmark | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY