Garrol Gayden

Garrol’s first love is Coney Island. Each day Garrol revisits the amusement park in his drawings. His unique line quality is bold and sculptural, alternating from simple hatch marks to a complicated orchestra of tangled, yet descriptive lines. Garrol’s work can be found in numerous private collections, including Paul Yandura, Cheryl Rivers and Kathleen Cullen Gallery. Garrol’s work can also be found in corporate collections such as Citibank, J Crew and Paper Magazine.



Sodom By The Sea | The Coney Island Museum, Brooklyn, NY
10 Years in 1 Day | Christian Berst Art Brut, New York, NY
Floating Holiday | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Televisionary | MoMA Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Building, New York, NY

Slogans Run | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Satellite Show | New York, NY

Space Invaders | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
LAND Lovers | Ace Hotel, New York, NY
MAKExRePOP | Repop Room, New York, NY
Outsider Art Fair | New York, NY
CUTLOG Art Fair | New York, NY

Master of Puppets | MoMA Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Building, New York, NY
Celebrity Sightings | DUMBO
Outsider Art Fair | New York, NY

MAKE | I-20 Gallery, New York, NY
New Discoveries | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Outsider Art Fair | New York, NY

LAND LP Reborn | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

LANDrover | Explore Diversity in Dumbo, LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

LANDmark | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY