Robert Latchman portraits, still lifes, and subway trains are just a few of Robert Latchman’s many interests, but his current focus is rendering the Brooklyn Bridge. In his series Inside the Containers, Robert has combined these interests using a range of materials to insert the bridge into commonplace objects. In much of his work he is striving for order and symmetry and a sense of color balance. It is this struggle that makes Robert’s work unique.


10 Years in 1 Day | Christian Berst Art Brut, New York, NY
Floating Holiday | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Televisionary | MoMA Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Building, New York, NY

Slogans Run | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Satellite Show | New York, NY

Space Invaders | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
LAND Lovers | Ace Hotel, New York, NY
MAKExRePOP | Repop Room, New York, NY
Outsider Art Fair | New York, NY
CUTLOG Art Fair | New York, NY

Master of Puppets | MoMA Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Building, New York, NY

MAKE | I-20 Gallery, New York, NY
New Discoveries | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Outsider Art Fair | New York, NY

Under the Influence, Drawing Inspiration from the Periphery | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

LANDmark | LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY