Musings on Spook-a-Rama: Garrol Gayden and Coney Island | Brut Force

Sophia Cosmadopoulos reflects on Garrol Gayden's visual explorations of Coney Island:

Coney Island, often considered one of the lasting remnants of 'Old New York,' is a seaside amusement park celebrated for its playful, homespun, dilapidated, and almost spooky charm. After World War II, the park’s popularity declined and it suffered from years of neglect. Over time 'outsiders' flocked to the park to celebrate otherness and differences in traditions such as Side Show by the Seashore Freak Show, Shoot the Freak, and the Mermaid Parade, one of the country’s largest art parades.
This iconic summer destination left a lasting impression on Garrol Gayden, an artist at LAND Gallery, a studio for adults with developmental disabilities in Brooklyn, New York.